Design Consultation

During this comprehensive site-visit and meeting, I will evaluate your space and learn about you — your lifestyle, any special considerations you may have, your “design style” and, of course, your design dreams! I will provide my best professional advice in terms of room design and functionality, troubleshoot any concerns or issues you may have, and make realistic recommendations that fit within your parameters.

Interior Remodeling

If you are planning a remodeling project, it is ideal to design your interior before construction begins as it is problematic to make changes while the work is taking place, and costly and messy after the fact. For the best possible outcome, I will work with the contractor on the interior aspects of your project, as well as address timing and logistics to ensure a smooth, low-stress process.

Project Management

From architects to carpenters to painters, I work with reputable, licensed and insured, neat and considerate service professionals who can complete the work in your interior to the highest level of quality and craftsmanship. I will coordinate the labor and services in accordance with your schedule, and manage your project from beginning to end ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Space Planning

Each room requires a precise amount of furnishings and correct layout to optimize the comfort and functionality of your space. Measurements are taken and floor plans are created to present a clear picture of how the room will look, feel and function.

Materials and Finishes

Within every room composition there are hard surfaces: wood, stone, metal, tile, glass and architectural elements; and soft elements: upholstery, drapery, floor coverings, bedding, pillows and other accessories. These materials interact with one another and must be carefully selected and grouped to create a balanced, attractive interior with interesting, luxurious finishes and textures. Architectural detail such as moldings and trim, ceiling treatment, built-in features or new interior doors and hardware can greatly upgrade a space.


If you are in the market for new furnishings, through Caroline Wilkes Interiors you can gain entrée to design trade showrooms and other exclusive resources that offer high-quality, custom options. We can also shop favorite retail stores, or create a blend of fabulous furnishings to fit any budget.


Lighting is one of the most important elements in making a space function effectively while also adding warmth and drama. The best approach to lighting design incorporates layers of lighting from multiple sources that are properly placed, and the selection and style of lighting fixtures is a key element in defining your décor.

Window Treatment

Treating windows properly is a multi-step process. Form follows function as we start by evaluating the need for privacy or light control, and end with a sensational decorative element. Window coverings are not only necessary in room functionality but can become a major design feature — and it is imperative they serve both purposes well.

Color Makeover

For a quick, easy change, a shift in wall color can transform a room. Whether or not there are existing colors or furnishings remaining in the space, I will develop a cohesive scheme in one or more rooms for a fresh, pulled-together look.

Accessories & Art

Every room design is enhanced and personalized by the special items that are carefully collected and selected to complete it. Artwork and other beautiful objects add aesthetics and personality, and further define the desired style and mood of the space.